Double sides with terrain tool

I am not sure I am saying it right. But a picture would be best.

How can I setup something like below? I’ve tried a bunch of configurations, but can’t get one to stick.


Nevermind, I made two brushes. MountainBase and MountainTop use two layers for it.

Although, it would be nice to have them in one layer.

The rock-grass transition tiles on the left are transparent, they’re designed to be used on a layer above your grass tiles. You’d have to fill the transparent parts green to make them work in a single layer.

You’d also need to have more than just one terrain to use these tiles effectively, e.g. Grass / Rocks. To avoid the ambiguity between mountain tops and valley bottoms, you might even want to define something like Grass / ValleyRocks / MountainRocks, with a couple of the all-rock tiles used for one and a couple for the other (you can fully randomize them after getting the base terrains down).

Yea,that’s what I am figuring out too. The program is really fun to use when I am bored or want a break from work!