"Duplicate Layers" layer name vs "AutoMap" layer name criteria

I don’t like that Duplicate Layers prefixes "Copy of " to the layers name.

Here is why:
When working on an AutoMap rule, it seems common to use Duplicate Layers.
However when duplicating a layer named “output_ground” the new layer is named “Copy of output_ground”
AutoMap is looking for layer names that start with “output”
To quote the AutoMapping Warning “Layer ‘Copy of output_ground’ is not recognized as a valid layer for AutoMapping.”
This leaves me spending a lot of time removing "Copy of " from the duplicated layer names.

Here is someone’s youtube tutorial that shows them removing "Copy of " from each duplicate layer

What can be done?
Tiled doesn’t seem to have a problem with multiple layers sharing the exact same name.
So the old layer and new layer could both be named “output_ground” right?
Is there a way to change the “Duplicate Layers” feature to not change the layer name?
This would seem more intuitive for working on AutoMap rules…

After looking into it more:
AutoMap (without an error message) ignores layers of the same name. When AutoMap is choosing an output layer, such as while randomizing grass (like in the youtube video) … if 2 layers are named output_ground it will use one and ignore the other.

Suggestion A:
Duplicate Layers could detect that the layer name meets AutoMap criteria and use a layer name that also meets that criteria “output2_ground”

Suggestion B:
Duplicate Layers could not change the layer name.
AND AutoMap could support multiple layers of the same name.

Photoshop has an option in the layers panel to add “copy” to copied layers:
I’d love to see something similar in Tiled! While “Copy of Tile Layer Whatever” can be useful sometimes, more often than not, the entire layer will need to be renamed, or the “Copy of” will need to be removed.