Error activating Python plugin

Hi. I’d like to write a custom exporter using python but if I try to activate to python plugin i got an error. Under Preferences/Plugins the python.dll is marked with a red icon and the tooltip says ‘Cannot Load library [path]\python.dll, impossible to find the module’.

I’m using tiled 0.18.2 and windows 10

I’ve no python 2-7 installed (but I’ve also tried to install python 2.7.13 and nothing chanded)

Any suggestion?

Hmm, instaling Python 2.7.13 is supposed to do the trick. I’ll have to check this.

Maybe it needs a restart after installing Python 2.7.13, to make sure the DLL is in the path?

Hi @bjorn I’m sorry, it was my fault: I forgot to add python27 to system path before because the option it’s not marked in default python installation. Now it works fine.

A question: does it exist some documentation about how to write custom importer/exporter python based?


Ok, that’s great to hear!

Unfortunately not yet, there only exist some example scripts in the repository. I’m in an effort to write a Tiled Manual now though, with the Tiled 1.0 release being only a few weeks away, and I’ll certainly be adding a page about Python plugins as well.