Python.dll plugin doesn't load

Hi, I’m trying to write a custom exporter script, but the Python plugin doesn’t load (it has the red stop sign in the list in Preferences). I’ve got Python 3.7.2. installed (the version the documentation says I should use on Windows). The error message in the plugin list first said “specified module couldn’t be found” (freely translated from Swedish). Then I tried adding the Python 3.7 folder (+ the libs and scripts sub-folders) to the path, and the error changed to “Unknown error: 0x000000c1”. Any ideas?

EDIT: Of course, I fix it on my own as soon as I post this :roll_eyes:. I just needed the 32-bit version of Tiled (probably because my Python install is 32-bit?)

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That’s quite likely to have been the issue. You could try to revert back to the 64-bit version of Tiled and install the 64-bit version of Python to see if that works as well. :slight_smile:

I guess it’s worth mentioning this in the documentation.

Btw, if you solve your own issue, it’s better to write it in a reply than to do an edit. That way the topic can also be properly marked as resolved.