Export GMS2 support

Can we export to GMS 2 yet ?
I exported a .yy file from Tiled and replaced an existing GMS 2 Map with it, when opening up the map the layers are there but the layer sprites which are also there are blank ?
Is there something I’m missing ?
I’m guessing someway for the layer sprites/tiles to reference the tilesheet ? im not sure.

Yes, but GMS is crappy about importing. You will first need to create the tileset(s) in GMS and make sure you name your Tiled tilesets the same as you did in GMS, so that when you open the .yy files in GMS, it’ll use the correct GMS tilesets. Your scenario sounds like it’s using nonexistent tilesets because you either didn’t create the tilesets in GMS or didn’t name them exactly the same.