Issues exporting object layers to GameMaker Studio 2

Hello. I’m new to using Tiled and having some difficulties in exporting object layers to GameMaker Studio 2. Whenever I try to export the object layers, they become all jumbled and do not resemble the shape of the map at all. Tile layers work just fine, and export into GMS2 without any issues.

I’ve attached the map I’m using to test thing, with an object and tile layer overlapping each other save one tile. The object layer is filled with tile objects, and are converted into oTile objects in GMS2 during the export. The oTile object has no functionality at the moment, and it’s sprite is one of the tiles from the tileset used in Tiled.

I get this funky looking thing as a result instead. I’m unsure why the object layer would get drawn incorrectly but the tile layer gets imported just fine. I’ve read over the documentation many times, and I believe I’m doing things correctly. Is there something I’m missing or I’m overlooking? Any advice is appreciated and if I’ve left out any necessary info I’d be happy to provide it.

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This is due to object layers in isometric maps currently not being supported correctly by the GameMaker 2 exporter. It does not position the objects according to the isometric projection.

Unfortunately the code to position the objects is quite involved since it needs to take into account the alignment, scale and custom “originX/Y” properties. I’ll see if I adjust it to also take the projection into account.

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@LDEV I’ve fixed this issue with the following change:

If you want to give it a try, you can download the Tiled package for your operating system here, when you’re logged in to GitHub and scroll down to “Artifacts”.

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