Export World as Image

Hi all,

Is there any way to export a world as an image? I saw something about it on github, but couldn’t make any sense of it.

Not from Tiled, but you can via the tmxrasterizer CLI utility that comes with Tiled. You can find it in Tiled’s install directory. It’s normally used for rendering a single Tiled map to an image, but if you pass in a .world file, you’ll get an image of the world.

Example CLI command to use it (after you’ve navigated to where tmxraserizer is located):
tmxrasterizer "D:\sample.world" "D:\sample.png"

By default it’ll render all visible layers and render the world at 100% zoom. You can change this and other settings through additional --options, you can view all the options via tmxrasterizer --help. This example will render the world at 50% zoom and hide object layers:
tmxrasterizer "D:\sample.world" "D:\sample.png" --scale 0.5 --hide-object-layers

Awesome. Thanks so much!