Can I export a world as a image?

Hi. I just wanted to know if I can export an entire world as an image.

I just understand that create a world can bind many tiled maps as if they are a single file.
However, when I try to export as an image, only one tiled map was exported even though that was bound to a world.

I know it is an annoying question but it will help my project directly.

It’s not an annoying question, it makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile: Unfortunately it’s not possible yet in the UI, but you can render an entire world to an image using the tmxrasterizer tool that ships with Tiled (which also supports other map formats, regardless of its name).

Usage instructions:

Usage: ./tmxrasterizer [options] map|world image
Renders a Tiled map or world to an image.

  -h, --help                       Displays help on commandline options.
  --help-all                       Displays help including Qt specific options.
  -v, --version                    Displays version information.
  -s, --scale <scale>              The scale of the output image (default: 1).
  -t, --tilesize <size>            The requested size in pixels at which a tile
                                   is rendered (overrides the --scale option).
  --size <size>                    The output image fits within a SIZE x SIZE
                                   square (overrides the --scale and --tilesize
  -a, --anti-aliasing              Antialias edges of primitives.
  --no-smoothing                   Use nearest neighbour instead of smooth
                                   blending of pixels.
  --ignore-visibility              Ignore all layer visibility flags in the map
                                   file, and render all layers in the output
                                   (default is to omit invisible layers).
  --hide-layer <name>              Specifies a layer to omit from the output
                                   image. Can be repeated to hide multiple
  --show-layer <name>              If used only specified layers are shown. Can
                                   be repeated to show multiple specified layers
  --advance-animations <duration>  If used tile animations are advanced by the
                                   specified duration.

  map|world                        Map or world file to render.
  image                            Image file to output.


I do appreciate your aid.
If you meant this exe file that I marked, it doesn’t work from my PC even though I try to open it as a administrator.

Would you please give me a way to open that?
Sorry. I am newbie to this type of things :frowning:


tmxrasterizer is a command line tool, you’ll need to run it from a command line if you want to see its text output. Open up cmd or PowerShell in Windows, navigate to the Tiled directory where tmxrasterizer.exe resides, and then you can use it.

Thanks for your kind reply, eishiya.

I could not figure how to command my world file tho.
I will address this ticket to my co-worker to export a world map file as an image properly.