Extra tiled feature

Sorry if my title is not to descriptive… But i had a hard time thinking of a good description.

So for a game i am making I have a large amount of maps joining together i am doing this because it like a 2d open world game so maps fit together.

So the feature i was looking for and am wondering how hard it is to add is to load in an other tiled map and have it render next to the map so you can make it easier for the maps to fit together. its a little hard to describe and i have no clue if it is already supported so let me hear your thoughts.


I was just going through the documentation and found this.

so the only thing i am missing is an editor for adding a new map it can become quite cumbersome to manually edit the .map file, doing it visually makes life a lot easier.

And i know this is a new feature from 1.2 so i am eagerly waiting to see whats coming in the future

I believe in the changelog Bjorn mentioned that he wants to create an easier way of editing the world file, so you’ll just have to wait a while.
In the meantime, if your world map happens to be grid-based, you can use the pattern matching feature (listed in the documentation you linked) to automatically add and position maps.

While it would certainly be nice, at the moment I don’t see myself getting around to it since it’s quite a lot of work and there is very little demand for it (compared to the demand for many other features, at least). It could happen, but don’t wait for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for mentioning the pattern-matching feature. Indeed it is probably what most people who find editing the .world file tedious are looking for.

That’s sad to hear. I’m making a Metroidvania and building it outward from a few scattered landmarks/key maps, so even though it’s on a grid, I can’t actually use the pattern matching feature, and manual positioning’s such a pain that I just don’t use worlds at all ):

Thanks for pointing that out! The more I hear from people who could use that feature the more likely it becomes that I’ll get around to it. :slight_smile: