Feedback based on usage as an editor for Diablo 1

Hey having used TIled for a couple of days I have a little bit of feed back. I know some of this has been mentioned before but still wanted to chime in :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you for a great map editor tool, it’s very enjoyable to work with and extending it was pleasantly easy to figure out.

Tile tables.
Especially with large tilesets, it can be hard to navigate when all you have is a scroll bar. It would be grate if tiles could be named (and maybe even tagged) and a filter box added to the tile browser so that you can narrow the view down to the relevant tiles (“door”, “corner”, “north”, etc).

Dynamically wrap tiles:
Really nice feature, but I wish it would remember it’s stated so that I don’t have to click it again each time I don’t understand why haf the tiles are missing.

Tiles or object:
Setting a tileset to “object only” and others as “Not-object” would be useful for my case.

Option to hide tiles from the tileset.
Some tiles only make sense as part of a stamp, or maybe not at all, being able to flag them as not visible in the tile browser would help to make it easier to navigate.

Really awesome feature, but it gets very tedious to move around when each layer has to be done individually.
Also is it possible to define a tile-or-it’s-alternatives on the input later?

Import scripts:
It would be nice if it was also possible to write import scripts, some games have existing maps in their format that have either been created by hand or previous tools and may still need editing after switching over to tiled.

As you have seen I would also appreciate some sort of individual tile size for object layers, i saw that it would be hard to do because they all expect the same grid, but at least in my case fine grid mostly solves it (and objects work on px not tile sizes afaik). One thing that is still a bit of a pain is that I will have to instruct each artist to apply thease settings. If there was a way to create a game profile that people could load that is able to restrict some options (max world size for example) and set the prefered settings that would be a good help in terms of setting up new editors.

Oh, another minor issue is that layers are being rendered separately which makes objects appear as if they are on top of walls. It’s not a huge issue and would make sens for some systems. But maybe there could be an option to have all layers rendered in one pass.

I find wang sets really hard to figure out for isometric games, since they appear to relate to the memory layout and not the visual lay out. If there was a “isometric” property for the wantset that would swap the visual of the cornor and edge pices, else you have to mentally rotate them 45deg when defining the sets.

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Ok, it looks like tile names and filtering is implemented via stamps. One minor issue with this though is that you cannot adjust the size of the stamp thumbnail which can be rather small. Also for distribution, it would have made more sense to me if they where part of the tileset file, that would make sure that they could find the tileset, and the user wouldn’t have to switch the stamp folder when changing tileset. Is there anyway to embed them?

You can make it look less confusing for isometric tiles, by setting set the Orientation property of the tileset to “Isometric”. I realize this option is a little bit hidden. In addition you can use the Grid Width / Height properties to control the angle of the isometric projection. This orientation also affects the terrain overlay and the Tile Collision Editor.

Since you can already implement custom formats, which includes writing a reader, what do you consider lacking in terms of supporting import scripts?

I’ll answer to the rest of the feedback when I have some more time.

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Wow can’t belive we missed the “read:” part, of the mapFormat object. I guess we just got focused on the examples rather then the property tables :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out.

Also thanks for pinting out the orientation option for tilesets, that’s exactly what i was looking for.