First Time and Eternal User with Question/ Suggestion

I will never need to use another map editor with the pure power of this creator
One question and you can have my money.
Classes for saving and storing groups of layers together.
Saving layers as objects for further organization?
Easily recall a pile of layers not stored as an image with out loading thirty layers?

Or am i noob?

Update 1.1
-Title updated
-Comment routed to Sent to Suggestion Box
-I will post a photo in a moment to show you what I mean and be as helpful and courteous, as unequivically as an understand and un-trusted member, my molecular mass must mirror the memorable misanthropy and


This simple feature to organize layers into lists would make your program so much more powerful you’d be able to market it, and I’d pay part of the unpaid salary you deserve for such a great program.

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for your enthusiasm!

I’ve increased your trust level so you can post a photo, but really you should have been able to post up to two images even as a new user.

Hopefully an image will make it clearer, because I don’t entirely understand the feature you’re asking for. I’m currently working on a new “group layer”, that can be used to organize layers in folders as it were. How far would that go towards resolving your needs?