Adding colors to layers names

Hi there! First of all, thanks for this amazing tool and all your dedication.

I’d like to make a little suggestion for layers managment. I usually use about 80 layers for my maps, and in order to make complex overlapping, some layers of the same elements need to be quite distant from each other in my layers list (i.e. my layer for the trunks of my trees are 30 layers below the one for the leaves.)

A cool way to easily identify layers of the same elements could be to simply assign colors to the layers names in the layers list. For example, I could chose to highlight all the layers containing trees elements in green.

Thanks in advance, and hoping I’ve been clear enough :slight_smile:


Right, in fact object layers already have a color associated with them, and this color could definitely be moved to be shared by all layers and then displayed in the Layers view, either as a subtle background color or by rendering a square in that color alongside, similar to how it’s done here in GIMP:


Thanks for the suggestion!

That’s exactly what I had in mind! Thank you :slight_smile: