Full screen and another bug

When I go into fashion ‘enlarge’ Tiled crash.
I can not check the automatic update and the python plugin is not found then the path is good.

That’s probably the following issue:

If so, you can work it around by closing the “Maps” view before maximizing.

Why not?

The Python plugin probably requires you to install Python 2.7 on your machine.

I close map but when i maximize tiled crush again. It’s work only when i clicking the left window menu command.

The check box is disabled.

Ok i try this.

Thx for your reply.

I didn’t mean closing the map, but closing the “Maps” view. This is the embedded file explorer view where it filters for map files. That view is known to cause a crash when maximizing (on Windows), and it can be avoided by having it closed while maximizing. The bug is in Qt and it will be gone when I can build the releases against Qt 5.6.1 (still to be released).

On Windows? Where did you get the installer? Or are you using Linux?