General Improvements and Bug Fixes - GSoC '17

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I’m Ketan Gupta and I’m selected to work with Tiled in Google Summer of Code 2017. My project is General Improvements and Bug Fixes.

Here is a link to my proposal: Proposal

I’ve mentioned a lot of small features in the proposal along with the link to their issue tickets. Unfortunately, one of the feature (#563) was closed after I submitted my final proposal. So in place of this issue, I’m planning to work on this one instead: #1084

The timeline will be same more or less after addition of this issue. I’ll start working from next week since I’m travelling right now, but I’ll try to be active on the forum nevertheless.

My project includes a lot of handy features, so any comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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Just to note, I believe we can adjust the proposal as long as we both agree on the change. Since we do, please update it to reflect this change.

Overal, I want to thank you again for the work you already did and am very much looking forward to see where this project takes us. You have put a lot on your plate, but @Ablu and me will do our best to answer your questions and to give you timely feedback.

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All right, I’ll make the changes in my proposal.

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I wrote a small blog post about my experience in pre-GSoC period. You can read it here: :slight_smile:

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I’ve shown a working prototype of the Infinite Maps feature:

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