Getting precise location of the vertices of a rectangular object

Hi there, so I have this object shown below and I want the exact coordinates of the four corners. I know I have the top left but I need the other corners as well. I don’t want to rely on trying to move my mouse to the approximate corners and getting a potentially unreliable coordinate. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

I don’t believe so D:

Snapping also doesn’t quite work as one might expect for rotated objects, as it snaps the size of the object and the origin rather than the location of all the corners, making it useful for precise sizing but not precise locations.

If you’re setting up collision like this and that’s why you need the object precise, consider using Tiled’s built-in collision editor, which allows you to set each tile’s collision shape, and then in-engine you can put them together into a collision mesh if you wish. Some importers already do this for you.