Getting the Terrain Brush to work with highly complex tilemaps?

I have some really complex tiles that are nearly impossible for a human being to be able to play manually, which means if I want to work quickly I have to use the Terrain brush for this. My issue is the Terrain brush is… really weak. It expects a really simple shape and I don’t know how to configure it for a more complex one. Here’s an example of the tiles I’m working with attached.

That’s all alligned in a 16x16 grid. How do I make it work automatically?

As you already said the terrain brush is not that flexible (at the moment). However you might want to try out the automapping feature). However that feature is a lot more complex to use / setup and does not provide the same editing flow as the terrain brush (but well… it is a more flexible :)). If you need any help with it just ask :slight_smile: