Giving it all a go - learning along the way

Hi everyone,

I have recently downloaded Tiled and just giving things a whirl. I haven’t created anything like this before really, but my interest in trying it all out is when I have recently rediscovered my love for retro isometric games. So I threw some tiles together in CSP and imported them into here. Its not much but its a start. I don’t have a clue if I’m doing it right, but it is fun just seeing some of my tiles come together to create some kind of cohesive environment. I can see myself getting quite into this!

Let me know what you think. As I mentioned, I don’t have a clue if there are any rules on this sort of thing and whether or not there is too much variation, or not enough outlining etc etc, I don’t know, but I have had fun anyway!

These are 32x32 tiles, I wanted to try a more “naturalistic” style without too much outlining. Anyway, thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Here’s just a quick screeny of what I’ve been up to.