Keen to learn Tiled

I am keen to begin learning how to use Tiled. Not just Tiled, but how to include the ‘maps’ that I will make, into game creation software. My grand children are at the age of beginning to play games and I would like to make some fun and educational games. I am hoping that Tiled will be a major tool for those games.

I am looking for basic tutorials for ‘top down’ and ‘platform’ type games. Tiles I can make or download. I need to know enough to get me started. I will probably make a lot of mistakes and hope that the forum members here can help me fix them. Documentation, in the form of either HTML, pdf, video tutorial would be great. I am open to any suggestions or tips.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would like to get started.

Have a great day.


For an introduction into Tiled itself and how to use it with either libgdx or Phaser, you could check out the following tutorial series:

Unfortunately, an official Tiled manual still has to be written, so for most parts you’ll have to rely on 3rd party resources. You need to also decide of course which game creation software you’re going for, and see what solutions exist already to use Tiled maps with it. There is a list of libraries and frameworks supporting Tiled maps in the documentation.


Thank you for the tutorial link. I have already downloaded those and I am currently moving through them.

I am also looking at libGDX and Phaser (downloading as I type…). I like the html5 concept. Much like Stencyl. Easy to use. (which is what I like :wink: )

Ah, yes. Documentation. I have noticed that descent documentation is something that a lot a game development tools are lacking. Mostly, enough information to ‘get you started’, but usually falls over when breaking down each function and providing a step-by-step example.

As I have never used libGDX or Phaser before, I would be happy, to provide you with a ‘first impression’ report. Will not be offended if you say no.

Again, thank you for the information, and look forward to map making…


Yeah, and Tiled does not even have the “getting started” part… But it’s something that I want to address in coming months as part of getting to a Tiled 1.0 release.

I’d be quite interested and I’m sure there would be others interested as well, so please feel free to write about your experiences!

Hi Bjorn,

Phaser. Yikes. Downloaded ok but it requires a server and stuff like that. Networking stuff, for me, is scary. I have absolutely no skills in regards to setting up a server or network. I use Linux Mint as my OS and can install Apache2 server without a problem (part of Linux Mint repository) but have no idea as how it is used with Phaser. Not even sure if it is compatible.

Is there a tutorial for setting up a server for Tiled?

To me, this seems a lot of work, to trial run Tiled. I can understand that this will probably be worth the effort in the long run, but I am not sure if I am going to produce a lot of Tiled-based games. I would like to find out if I can make a complete game.

Ok. LibGDX is next… stay tuned… :wink:


Hi Bjorn,

I’m not having much success. To install libGDX I need to install ‘cmake 3.0’ or higher. The repository has not quite kept up with the times (only version 2.8).

I am finding this all quite frustrating.

I am going to put Tiled ‘on the back burner’, for now, until my system has had a chance to catch up.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year.


I think you must have gone done the wrong lane somewhere, because this should not be nearly as complicated as you make it sound. The Phaser introduction explains why you need a server, and it’s simply because of browser security mechanisms and not because Phaser is doing anything fancy. Also, you could pick an easy server, it does not need to be Apache. There are Python or node.js based one-liners that will serve your static files with ease. Python example:

cd /home/somedir
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

I’d suggest you give Phaser another chance.

Maybe your Linux Mint version was based on Ubuntu Trusty, in which case it is indeed its age. Anything more recent should have cmake 3, but I understand an upgrade may not be what you’re looking forward to.

Another thing you may want to try is Love2D, which can render Tiled maps through STI. There’s a tutorial available here.

Hi Bjorn,

Thank you for the LUA option. I already have Love2d installed and will
be keen to test out the inclusion of Tiled maps.

I downloaded Phaser 2.4.4 but could not find any executables to start
it. There are a couple of ‘json’ files (bower and package) and one
javascript file (Gruntfile).

By the way, the python -m SimpleHTTPSever, executed just fine.

Sorry to be such a bother. Not my intention.


Phaser does not have an executable, because it runs in your browser. And because it needs to load your game assets, you need to set up a simple static HTTP server because your browser will not allow JavaScript to access files from your harddrive directly, for good reason.

So if you still also want to try Phaser, the idea is that you start for example that Python simple HTTP server in the directory where you put your Phaser project, and then visit in with your browser to see your game.


Your blood’s worth bottling. Spot on information. :smiley:


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