Love this program!

I’m a longtime pixel artist who has been trying to improve my tilemaking skills because it’s always been a bit of a weak spot for me. Making a map mockup as I go has been really helpful for seeing what tiles work, which ones don’t, as well as helping me brainstorm on what needs to be added next.

I originally planned to just use GameMaker because it was what I already had on hand, but I wasn’t liking their mapmaking tools very much. I downloaded Tiled since it was the first thing that came up on Google and have loved it! Reminds me of being a kid and playing with making maps in RPGMaker. I love that I can save my tileset in Aseprite and Tiled will instantly update with the changes, no refreshing needed.

Here’s some of my ongoing ‘test map’, AKA tiles thrown semi-indiscriminately to see how they look in action:


It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Tiled so much, and your tiles look great!

Of course, Tiled doesn’t ship with a game engine like GameMaker or RPGMaker, but there are plenty of frameworks that will help you bring your game to life if you wanted to. :slight_smile: