GMS Export of Rotated / Flipped Tiles

When exporting to a room file from tiled and opening in GMS any tiles or sections of tiles that were mirrored don’t seem to export properly. GMS supports stretched, flipped, and rotated tiles so this may not be a difficult fix. This is an example

It’s easy to fix if you’ve just rotated a couple of tiles but when you have many rotations or flips horizontally it becomes a nightmare. I fixed the issue currently by redoing my tileset to include the mirrored versions of most of those tiles to start with. Hopefully someone will fix this :slight_smile:

Beyond reporting this bug, I am still overly excited to be able to use tiled with GMS, their built in editor pains me to use, I sometimes cry inside at its lack of simple options (cant even undo O_o). Keep up the great work!

Hmm, are you using Tiled 0.18.0 or 0.18.1? I have added support for exporting horizontally and vertically flipped tiles to GMS rooms in 0.18.1 (based on the scaleX and scaleY attributes). Support for exporting stretched tiles (possible in Tiled only on Object layers) was also added in Tiled 0.18.1.

I do not know of any tile rotation support in GMS. As far as I could see, rotation is only possible for object instances. To use those, you need to set the “Type” property of the object in Tiled and have an object with exactly that name in your GMS project.

I’m glad to hear that! Indeed in the limited time I’ve spent with GMS 1.4, I’ve been very surprised at the incredibly bad room editor. No wonder there has been interest in using Tiled maps in GM since years (and I wish I had looked into this sooner).

In GMS 2 the room editor has fortunately been vastly improved, but I plan to look into exporting to it eventually. Unfortunately, the file format has changed entirely (though this is also a good thing, since the new format is way more efficient).

I would like to see a GMS2 export, although they added auto tiling it is kind of confusing to setup whereas Tiled is more intuitive. I’d be happy to help with it if you want.

Please don’t hesitate to have a look at it! You can take the gmx plugin as an example for how to add another plugin, though the actual exporting code will look rather different. Any questions are welcome (please open a new topic for it, or open a pull request with your initial changes and ask questions there).