GM:S 1.4 - can't get rooms to import correctly?

I’ve been working with tiled to create maps but now that I’m at the point where they can be exported into gamemaker: studio, I can’t get them to work properly

whenever I import a made in tiled into gamemaker, the placement and flipping of the tiles is not retained at all. here’s an example using a quick map I put together as a test

how the map appears in tiled:


how the map appears as a room when imported to gamemaker:


it’s like half of the tiles get rotated 90 degrees and the others get staggered

any help on this topic would be appreciated, I’ve been having a hard time finding what the issue is or any sort of guidance on how to properly work between gamemaker and tiled

I guess the problem is that tiled doesn’t currently support isometric exports for gamemaker. unfortunate, because this tool makes editing rooms for gamemaker actually manageable

It looks like your room’s layout is getting rotated 90 degrees. Perhaps there’s a setting you can tweak for that?
If not, since the data’s all there, you can probably take it and perform the rotation yourself, putting everything in its place after it’s been imported.

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Linking this to the other topics where you have asked about this issue:

Yes, it’s a missing feature. :slight_smile: