Google Summer of Code 2017

(Benjamin Trotter) #61

I think for the time being hexagonal rotation has caught my interest! So I will stick with that, but if after click and drag layer change is still undressed I’d still be happy to try to implement it. Thanks for the feedback!

(Kalinich Ignat) #62

I’m third year computer science student. I’d like to implement scripting compatibilities or object connections. I used Tiled to create platformer game - made it with my classmates).
I have an expirience in C++/Qt, also I have a general expirience in C#, Python and JavaScript.
My github:

(Leon Moctezuma) #63

Hi @i-ka welcome!

I think the object library and the object connection problem are interesting problems and they have got less attention than other ideas, you might want to further develop them, we have been keeping more detailed discussions in the github tickets like the one we opened for the wang tiles.

For the object library we can keep the conversation here.

And for connecting objects here.

I saw that you already made a pull request thanks for the contribution.

(Artem) #64

Thank you for detailed answer)

(Yuriy) #65

I’m a second year software engineering student, I want to work on general and custom property improvements (details worth developing too). I like Tiled’s power and potential, so I will be happy to help your project during GSoC. Also, I’m interested in further developing my skills in C++ and getting familiar with Qt, so Tiled looks like a good choice for me :slight_smile:

Regarding the experience in C++, there is a WIP multiplayer arcade game in C++ based on SFML and Box2D, which soon will be developed further as my course work. And there is a university project in which I was the leader of the team, it’s a simple shell for Windows written in C with few builtin programs and a simple script language support.

To get started, I’ve implemented selection of underlying objects (pull/1494). @bjorn, looking forward for your feedback!

(Vitek1425) #66

Sorry for the late reply.
Solving the problem would be interesting for me.

(Andrei Marius-Cristian) #67

Hi there!
My name is Andrei and I am a second years computer science student in Bucharest, Romania! As I was working for an academic project creating a framework engine for games I found Qt and I wanted to use it. I heard about GSoC and Tiled. I found it very interesting for me as I’m into making games and probably this will help me.
My experience in programming consist of C, C++, C# as I learned during the school. I used WIN32 API before as you can see in my repository. I learnt about game engine framework using Unity, I created a small game and published it.
For the past few days I have read the solution of Tiled and I managed to understand how it is made. I am interested in “Wang Tiles and Filling Tools” because it needs special abilities therefore it challenges my potential. I would be happy working for “General Improvements” as well because I find the compression part of the project interesting.
To get started I implemented “Consider zooming with mouse wheel by default”, you will have the pull request soon.
It would be my first time taking part of an Open Source project so I’m very excited! I’m waiting for your feedback!

(Kalinich Ignat) #68

I have change my mind about project i’d like to work on object library. Thanks @leonidax for drawing my attention to it :slight_smile:
I’m done with first version of my proposal,but not shure that i didn’t missed something important. Where i should send it?

(Leon Moctezuma) #69

We didn’t have any mail to take stuff related to GSoC so I quickly created one for any private communication related to GSoC, you can send us a mail there, send us a link to your draft but be aware of our limited time disponibility to give any feedback, we might not be able to answer due to time constrains.

You can also share a link here so that anybody can give feedback.

(Kalinich Ignat) #70

I think it better to be posted it here. Link. Waiting for your feedback!

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #71

Please allow for reviewing at your Google doc so it is easier to provide feedback. Also, you can now submit your proposal as a draft through the official GSoC channel.

In general, I think you’re being way too short in your descriptions. You must develop a much better idea of what your project is about and describe the various parts of your work in more detail.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #72

Hey @a.sharganov, I think the main problem with your proposal is that the tasks you have listed in your timeline should be way shorter than you’re estimating. I know time estimations are hard and I personally get them wrong too, but in general I would say you can half the estimated times on most things you selected. Especially your last task, to implement support for saving to a compressed file, should be at most 4 days and not 4 weeks (there is no need to devise an entirely new compressed data format).

Another thing is that I would suggest that if you pick the “General Improvements” project, that you try to select your own list of things that you think would be interesting to work on. You seem to have mostly picked the example list we included on the ideas page, which wasn’t given much thought and does not represent the current priorities for the project. The best project is one you are motivated to do personally.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #73

Submit Your Proposals

To everybody who is interested to submit a proposal, please submit them early so we have time to provide feedback! Google made draft proposals an official part of the workflow.

It can always take some days until we have time to provide feedback, and then you will still need time to make adjustments, so the two weeks we have until the deadline will be quite short.

And another warning: since we are participating in GSoC for our first time and we have only three mentors, we can expect to get only 1 or 2 slots for students this year! So make your proposal stand out. :slight_smile:

(Artem) #74

Ok, @bjorn . Yeh, actually it is the first time I plan something so long. I try to re-estimate my timeline.

What’s about tasks, they look pretty for me and I thought they are very important for Tiled since you mentioned them as an example, so I include them in proposal. I thought that there is need to devise something :slight_smile:

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #75

I know, next time I will make sure to spend more time on picking the issues listed in example projects!

Them being listed there now in no way means they are standing out in importance over other issues. It’s currently better to judge that yourself based on your own usage experience with Tiled or by browsing the list of issues and looking at what is in popular demand or reading user feedback.

That said, you can adjust your proposal including these issues and adding some more to fill the time, but you’re missing an opportunity to select something that matters to you.

(Yuriy) #76

Do you mean that Tiled will have 1 or 2 slots at all or for each mentor?

(Leon Moctezuma) #77

@Acuion We would love to have beyond 3 students but since it’s our first year at GSoC and the organization is small then the highest amount of students that we might handle at the same time would be three or four but being realistic, we are probably going to get no more than 2 slots.

I would recommend to any student to apply to two or three organizations.

(Ketan Gupta) #78

Ummm, okay :confused:

(Leon Moctezuma) #79

@ketanhwr just focus on making a good proposal for Tiled, I think you are a strong candidate, if I’m not wrong I think you are the student with more PR so far.

(Mohamed Thabet) #80

I’m Mohamed Thabet, a fourth year engineering student at Ain Shams University from Egypt.

I’m excited to work on Tiled in GSoC 2017, I’m interested in creating the Object Library and improving users’ workflows .

I’ve made a pull request regarding visibility of object Selection box (#1503).

More about me:

My preferred languages are C++(I’ve solved hundreds of competitive programming problems using it) and Python, I also have some experience with Java, Javascript, Ruby, Haskell and Octave.

I’ve done many college related Qt projects with my classmates, and created with my team a 3-day game in Global Game Jam using Unity.

Although not closely related, I’ve a hobby of digital painting, I have used art software like PaintTool Sai and Krita. I believe that caring about little details and adjusting workflows go a long way.

You can also check my Github (thabetx).