Grid just kind of.... moved on its own? Help

So I was creating a map, and I don’t know how or when but my grid has moved. It was shifted up about 4 tiles and to the left about 2.75 tiles. Now i can’t edit anything on the lower parts of my map because … well there’s no grid there for me to edit on. it moved.

You probably used the “offset layer” tool to shift your layer by some distance. It is unfortunately easy to end up with that tool selected because it is the only tool that works on image layers, and then it will stay on that tool when you switch back to another layer. I could probably improve that by remembering the last tool used with each layer type.

To reset it, select the layer with the problem and go into its properties, setting back its offset to 0,0.

Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I was really just kind of testing my tile sets before I go and put effort into the map, but I figured I’d get an answer here before things got serious. This may not be the place to ask, but is there any way to drag a set of selected and repeat that entire set? It’d help immensely on repeating tile mountain ranges and similar things.

You can capture a brush using right-click-drag and repeat it along a line by holding Shift + Clicking start/end points. If you want to repeat it in some other area, you can make a selection and use the fill tool.