Help me spread word of Tiled's Patreon

I just put up a new blog post making the case for Tiled on Patreon. Please help me spread the word through social media so we can get this Patreon fully sponsored.

I’m not directly associated with Tiled. I just use the tool a lot and want to see it get even better.

It’s really heart-warming to read your blog post, Sean! Of course you’re entirely right that I’m not asking for much (it’s the minimum my wife will allow ;-)) and that it should be reachable with Tiled having so many users worldwide.

This monthly fundraiser has been on for one month now, and 21 patrons have signed up. This is less than I had expected but still I’m very glad with the support and positive that it will increase. I plan to take at least 2 full days off to work on Tiled this month which will then hopefully also demonstrate the activity that would be possible given such time.

Tiled is such an important tool for 2D game developers that I’d like to think it would be easily and fully funded.

My homepage for Tiled2Unity gets decent traffic so I added a small plea for Tiled’s case there as well.

I’ll be having additionaly Tiled2Unity tutorials over the next couple of weeks and I’ll use that platform as well to point developers this way. At the very least I think that $500 milestone can be met soon.

Have you ever thought of reaching out to successful developers to ask for a plug and/or contribution? I can imagine the developers behind Shovel Knight and Titan Souls would be happy to help given that Tiled was an important (and free!) tool for them.

Awesome, thanks a lot!

I’m generally afraid of coming over as “begging” and I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest they couldn’t have made their great games without Tiled. On the other hand, I could make improvements to Tiled that may be useful for their next game… I’ll give it a try.

What may help here would be a section on the main Tiled website for featuring such games. At the moment there’s a rather hidden wiki page for this, but being featured on the main website may also provide some incentive to support Tiled financially.

Might also be a good idea to have something on the Tiled installer that points to Patreon if you haven’t done that already.

The latest daily builds have a link to my Patreon page since almost a week, so it will be in Tiled 0.12 release when that happens. I’m still considering whether it would be reasonable to pop this up automatically in some form after some days of Tiled usage.

I think it’s totally acceptable to pop that up, especially if there was a way for contributors to register themselves as supporters so they don’t get the nag.