Looking for Tiled Level Designers!

I haven’t had much luck finding Tiled users to help create levels on the typical sites (Fiverr,Upwork, etc.)

I hope this is ok to post here!

I’m looking for Tiled level designers to create some top down RPG maps based on some tilesets I have.

If interested please hit me up! I can pay hourly or per map. leveldesign@k3il.com

Imgur: The magic of the Internet (a preview of one of the levels.)

Thanks !!

You’re more likely to find takers if you share more information about the project and the nature of the work - people are often reluctant to offer their services if they’re not completely sure their skill sets and interests are relevant, and level design requirements for e.g. platformers, puzzle games, and RPGs are fairly different from one another, and maps for things like WorkAdventure and Gather have their own requirements as well. The basic Tiled skills may be all the same, but someone who’s interested in making RPG maps might not reach out if they’re not sure that RPG maps are what you need.

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Good call- I’m looking for top down RPG level designers specifically. I’m making a wide array of different planets/biomes and have tilesets for each!

Attached is an example of a small portion of one of the levels.

If you have an aptitude for pixel art and can create unique assets that’s also a plus!