Hexagonal maps: Default Tile Side to value other than zero

I find when I create a new map in Hexagonal (Staggered), the Map Properties automatically default the Tile Side Length = 0. As shown here:

This yields a default grid in the map that looks nothing like hexagons, as shown here:

My suggestion is to have Tiled default the Tile Side Length = 0.5 * max(width, height).
Doing so will produce a default grid with reasonably symmetrical hexes, as shown here:

This in turn will remove any user confusion along the lines of… “where are my hexes?” when they first see the grid. Later, if the user has slightly different size hexes, they can easily go in and adjust that default as needed.

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I think this is a very good suggestion and it’s definitely something I will add. The current behavior is just confusing.

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Excellent, thank you, Bjorn!