Newbie needs help with hexes


Browsing the Internet in order to make some maps for a few D&D sessions I found this awesome program. Everything worked fine when I was creating orthogonal maps but my problem started when I tried to create an hexagonal map and the problem is that the blue-hover guide that indicates where are you placing the tiles is diamond shaped.

This overlaps my tiles and in the end looks like this:

I would really appreciate it if someone could me how to change it with words that even a monkey would understand because I found another topic with the same problem but my technical knowledge is cero and I did not understand anything.

Anyways, awesome program!

Could you post or take a screenshot of the map properties (menu: Map -> Map Properties … I think).

It looks as if your HexSideLength setting is off, possibly it’s just 0. I don’t remember off-hand what the calculation for it is, something like 2/3rds of the hex tile width/height. Just experiment until it looks right.

Note however that depending on the game engine and the corresponding TMX reader you use both need to support a) hex map rendering b) support Tiled’s stagger properties and c) support the hex side length setting. But it sounds like you just want to print this out for board game sessions, right? In that case ignore this paragraph. :wink:

Thanks for your fast response!

When I click on Map Properties it shows me these options:

I suppose the problem has something to do with the width or the heigth as you said or that the tiles I chose do not “fit” these measures. Do you usually recommend any specific set of tiles? I prefer a hand-drawn like style but not cartoonish. I think this will be better for the game sessions I intend to create.

And you guessed right, I want to draw something and export it to use it as images.

EDIT: I “fixed” it a second after posting this, duh. Damn, I am dumb :joy: . It was really simple after all. Thank you a lot for your help, I will recommend from now on this software to everyone I know!