Hextiles copy & paste behaviour

I just noticed, that the brush-tool behaves weird when I select an area of my map using Hextiles and try to copy it. When I try to copy it to a tile straight beneath the original tile, everything is fine. But when I choose one 0.5x to the left/right (which is every other row the case), the selection messes up like so:

It seems as if the neighbourhood of the hex tiles is not always properly recognized. Same applies for the automap feature.

Right, this is a known issue caused by the staggering. The tools are not aware of this staggering so when you move things at odd distances on the staggering axis this kind of shifting will happen.

To fix it either some abstraction should be introduced or the tools will need to be explicitly aware of the possibility that the map is staggered and adjust their tile placement as necessary.