Graphic glitches when mouse passes over hex tiles

This may be related to this thread:

I just started using Tiled. Right now I’m not even making maps yet, just experimenting with different map shapes using hex tiles.

Because I need flat-topped hexes, I had to do some image manipulation on the imageset included with Tiled: rotated CCW, flipped vert, stretched horiz 50%. And then I zoomed the editor to 200% so I could see things. (And found that there appears to be a whole bunch of garbage black pixels above and below each hex in the original file.)


Here’s the bug: after placing a bunch of tiles (ones that shouldn’t stick out past the hex boundaries, but do a little), I found that moving the mouse around causes tiles to be redrawn with different offsets, sometimes looking like entire tiles go missing. I’m not clicking on anything, just moving the mouse.

What the map is supposed to look like.

After moving the mouse over parts of the map.

I’m trying to include my map and tileset files, but the forum won’t let me upload them, and when I copy&paste it displays everything except the lines with the settings.