Higher Resolution Images

Is there a way to get higher res images? In the editor itself the map looks brighter and higher resolution than when i actually download the image. Is this normal or is there something i can do to change it?

Are you talking about exporting your map as an image?

Check whether “Use current zoom level” is checked. If your map is smaller than you want, perhaps you need to disable it. Or, if you want to export a larger image than 100% zoom, zoom in before you export, and check the option.

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Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 5.58.37 PM
Nope, these are the only settings I have on when I download the image.

The term is “export”. “Download” is when you get something from the Internet.

Perhaps the image viewer you’re using to look at the image is zoomed out? With these settings, you should be getting the same image you’d see at 100% zoom in Tiled. If it’s looking off, then either your image viewer isn’t cooperating, or you’re expecting something other than a 100% zoom image (in which case, turn that option on, and zoom in prior to exporting).

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That did the trick, thanks!