Export with current zoom level

Hi everyone i need help with exporting this map with current zoom level but idk why when i check the box “export with current zoom level” the result is still an image of the entire map even when i have zoom level at 400%

This is the normal map exported as img without the box checked

here i try to export with current zoom level but the result is still the same

Thanks for help

You’ve uploaded the same image twice. The second one appears to be exported with the current zoom level though, it has the same zoom as your screenshot of Tiled. Are you sure you’re not just viewing the image in a viewer that scales it to fit the screen?

it was actually windows photo viewer, the image is zoomed like it should.thank you so much!!

i have the same problem as u,but i didnt understand the answer

The problem isn’t Tiled, the image is perfectly fine. The problem is the program you’re using to look at the image, it’s displaying it smaller, so that it fits on your screen. Make sure you look at the image at 100% zoom, wherever you’re looking at it, and you’ll see that it’s fine.