Export a big map as an image

Hi everyone,

I have a map that is 300x400 in size.
When i export it as an image, it give me a .png which seems to not viewable.

How do i export a big map as an image ?

To my knowledge there is no problem in map size to generate the image, click export the image, and then in the dialog, choose the directory and format , and uncheck the current zoom and sport, i work here with a map of 100x1000 tiles and worked perfectly.

I have nothing checked when i export it as an image, and there is no other dialog, the creation of the file is almost instantaneous but it is always not viewable :

The only problem I could imagine is that the resulting image is too large. Please try zooming out a little and checking the “Use current zoom level” box.

If this is indeed the problem, you may want to try if it works with the 64-bit version of Tiled that you can find on the GitHub releases page. Though it normally shows a message box when memory allocation failed for example. But what would be your plans with such a huge image? The whole point of using a tile map is to avoid the high memory requirements for such large images.

with the “Use current zoom level” it generates the map all good but zooming doesn’t work.

I like to have a big image that i use as background in Roll20, so i just have a big map to drag my players without changing page.

I can always do small maps and assemble them later on but some people doesn’t have this problem so if i can i would like it.


Thought i had the x64 version already so i didn’t check.
I just installed the x64 version to see and IT WORKS !! :smiley:

I have my big map that i can zoom in :sunglasses:

Thanks everyone!

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