How can i find "Drawing Offset" thing in the New tileset window?


i’m using Tiled ver 0.11.0 on Windows Vista.
i want to set a drawing offset for my new tile, but i cannot find an item to set it on the New Tileset window.
how can i find it? or has it been removed from the current version?


It has been moved into the Tileset Properties window, which you can open after creating the tileset by clicking the small “Tileset Properties” tool button below the tileset view:


I made this change mainly since you can now adjust the offset while looking at the result, as well as to simplify the New Tileset dialog.

i didn’t notice that it has been moved into there.
thank you for your reply. my question is finally answered!

You can apply an offset based on the tileset and an offset based on the layer. For different height levels, you would generally use the layer offset and not the tileset offset.

Hmm I’m still confused, maybe I’m just really stupid.

As I will try and show in this picture, if I set Layer Offset to -32 for my 2nd Floor, so that it is 1 tile height above the 1st floor layer, it will show up in Tiled, but won’t render the tiles at a -32 offset in my game. With NO Draw Offset on the tileset, It will render them at the bottom on the first layer.

If I set Layer offset to -32 for the second floor/layer, AND I put a -32 Draw offset on the tileset I use in the layer, it will not take into account the Layer offset when rendering.

Inside Tiled it does however.

So what I mean is. What is the purpose of the “Layer Offset” option? Seeing as it doesn’t “seem” to work?

I’m super confused.

I know that above picture doesn’t explain perfectly because I didnt draw a tile with height on it, ground tiles always render over each other so you can’t tell. But in the actual map I have tiles with height.

I’m finding it hard to explain.

In this picture, this is what I want to have happen. So that both layers can be traversed between, hidden when not on that floor or unhidden at the players choice even if they aren’t on that layer.

But the LayerOffset and Draw Offset for the Tilesets is confusing me.

It would seem I need to make a new tileset for any offset I want.

Also if Layeroffset doesn’t actually work inside the game, what is it for inside Tiled?

Maybe someone could point me in the right direction to a tutorial that shows how to use Tiled properly for Isometrics? I have seen a couple like the one from Gamesfromscratch, but it doesn’t explain anything about LayerOffsets and the DrawOffsets and having layered Isometric maps.

Also I am using libgdx.

Is it possible to maybe get you on a Skype call or something so I can share my screen with you and show you exactly what I mean lol? 5 minutes is all I’d need.

edit **** Ughhhh I had 3 more pictures to post to show what was going on but I am limited to 3 posts?

God damnit.

Test #1

Test #2:

I had 3 other pictures that showed the exact same results except the settings for

Test 3 were:

Layer 1 (LayerOffset = 0,0)
(DrawOffset for used tileset1) = (0,0)

Layer 2 (LayerOffset = 0,0)
(DrawOffset for used tileset1) = (0,0)

Layer 3 (LayerOffset = 0,-32)
(DrawOffset for used tileset3) = (0,32)

Layer 4 (LayerOffset = 0,-64)
(DrawOffset for used tileset4) = (0,32)

Test #4:

Layer 1 (LayerOffset = 0,0)
(DrawOffset for used tileset1) = (0,0)

Layer 2 (LayerOffset = 0,0)
(DrawOffset for used tileset1) = (0,0)

Layer 3 (LayerOffset = 0,-32)
(DrawOffset for used tileset3) = (0,-32)

Layer 4 (LayerOffset = 0,-64)
(DrawOffset for used tileset4) = (0,-32)

All with the same results.

As you can see something isn’t right.

Now if I leave all Layers at LayerOffset 0,0, and make separate tilesets, as you might see in the pictures, the tabs are tileset1 to tileset4. If I leave all the LayerOffsets for all 4 layers at 0,0, then set tileset 1 and 2 to DrawOffset 0,0, place the ground on layer 1, the first block on layer 2. Then tileset3 is set at DrawOffset -32 and a block placed at the right layer coordinate will draw the block where it should be. Same with placing tiles from Tileset4 which has a draw offset of -64 on layer4 which has a layeroffset of 0,0. Everything draws properly then. But the Layers are all at 0,0.

See what I mean?

I will pay you to make an isometric tutorial!

Here’s your answer: your version of libgdx does not seem to support the layer offset. That’s strange though, since I found an issue about this from last year (Tiled Layer Offset not rendered · Issue #4047 · libgdx/libgdx · GitHub) and a fix for it was merged over half a year ago (Implemented layer offsets for tiled maps by piotr-j · Pull Request #4488 · libgdx/libgdx · GitHub). I don’t know in which version this change got released though.

Note that Tiled is game-engine agnostic. It’s just a level editor. There are many libraries and frameworks with mostly partial support for Tiled’s features. If you find that your map doesn’t look like it does in Tiled, it usually because of a missing feature in the library or framework you’re using to render the map.

Just a warning that actually getting the layer offset to work is not going to be enough for such a map. You’ll probably need to change the way the map is rendered so that it isn’t done layer-by-layer, but rather iterates all layers for each location and draws little stacks of tiles, including the entities sitting on top. Otherwise you will get issues with the stacking order.