Proper way to Layer building tiles

I’m currently creating layers as so:

Group: House 1

  • House Rear Wall Ground Floor
  • House Ground Material
  • House Front Wall Ground Floor
  • House Rear Wall Second Floor
  • House Material Second Floor
  • House Front Wall Second Floor

and so on

Is there a different way of layering these properly or ?

-ignore the first few responses, cant post more than 5 threads per day which im sureh as a good reason but I’d also not cease progress because of it so i edited a previous post that was solved. tx

Can you show a screenshot of what’s going on?

Are you sure you’ve only selected the tile(s) you want to draw with and no others?
Is your layer perhaps offset? If you click the layer in the layers panel, its Layer Properties will come up in the properties panel, make sure its “Horizontal Offset” and “Vertical Offset” are both 0.00.
Perhaps the tileset has a Drawing Offset? You can check this in the Tileset Properties.


Top tile is placed, bottom tile is above where i intend on placing the tile.

Where did you click to place the top tile? Did you also have to click below where you wanted it?

What does your tileset look like? Perhaps your tiles have a bunch of empty space below them, so they’re being placed in the right spot, but are just visually offset. Depending on how your tileset is set up, you can either fix this by setting the Drawing Offset in the Tileset Properties, or you may need to edit the tileset image itself in an image editor.

Hi still wondering if there’s a better way of creating buildings in Tiled.

So far I’m able to create a rectangular building (isometric) by using dozens of tiles and layers just for the walls…

Perhaps it’s possible to stretch a single tile per wall ?

For isometric maps, it’s common to have some tiles that are quite tall and potentially overlap other tiles, tiles that are the entire height of the wall. Same for any other props.