How can I get image names on objects?

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Hi, I’m using tilesets images to place on my level, but I dont know how get the name of the image i’m using.
There some way to get the name of the image inside an object? or some reference to I can find this? Will be painful to add a custom properties there just with the name of the image to use on my game.

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Hi, I’d like to +1 this as a question and suggestion.

In addition to that, it would be helpful to be able to replace, from within the editor, the Tile being referenced. (I’ve decided to use Object Layers to put in the sprites instead of the Tiles because some tiles are bigger than the logical tile dimensions. But creating a map without the usual Tile tools is a bit cumbersome.

Perhaps a workflow like this?:

  1. selecting the Image Object/s
  2. selecting the Tile in the tileset window
  3. RMB > Replace image in selected object/s

… or something like that.

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In the map file, each tile object will have a gid attribute, which is a global tile ID pointing to a tile in one of the tilesets referenced by the map. You find the name of the image at the definition of the tileset or the tile (in case of an image collection tileset). This gid value works the same way as it does for tile layers, which is explained here.

There is also the following related issue, for displaying the image name in Tiled:

Definitely. The feature is covered by the following issue:

I like your suggestion of adding it to a context menu on the tile.