How do I create a Hexagonal Tileset? (also, Wangs)

I’m looking to create a hexagonal tilemap for a game, but I’d need to create a custom tileset (can’t really find a hex tileset that fits). However, I don’t know how creating that tileset would work. Would I create it similarly to an orthogonal tileset, except I don’t use the entirety of the tile? I’m a bit confused…

Also, what are Wang sets, why are they called Wang sets, and what are they used for?

Yes, that’s how it works. Check out some hex tilesets at, which are usually done like this.

Hopefully the Using Wang Tiles page in the Tiled Manual will answer these questions for you. :slight_smile:

For the second question, why they are called Wang tiles, check out this Wikipedia article.

Note that Tiled only supports square Wang tiles, so this feature does not work for hexagonal maps.