Wang Tutorial, can't find Wang Set tab

I’m currently working through the tutorials and I am currently stuck at the Wang Set tutorial. I have managed to create a wang set and colored it but in the map editor I cannot select a Wang Set(see img below)

It seems that the tab for Wang sets doesn’t show and I have no clue how to get it to show, can anyone help me with this?

What version of Tiled are you using? In the snapshots, this feature has changed significantly, Terrains have been merged into it. If you’re using 1.4.x or older though, it should have the same general UI as whatever tutorial you’re following (you say “the tutorial” but I don’t think there’s an official one? There’s only the documentation.)

Make sure you’ve saved your Tileset after adding the Wang tile data to it, I don’t know if it detects unsaved ones.

I am using version 1.4.3 and I describet the documentation indeed as tutorial, mostly because there is a guide in how to use the different functions.

I also indeed have made sure to save the modified tileset, I know that that can be a problem with some programs.

I also don’t seem to be able to access the Wang Tileset tab either, even with a complete set of Wang tile labels.

It’s possible it was left out in preparation for the overhaul to that feature in 1.5, or by accident as part of the changes for 1.5. For what it’s worth, the current version of the tool is nigh useless for any practical work, and the new tool is significantly different, I’d recommend skipping that part of the documentation for now and coming back to it once 1.5 and its documentation are out. In 1.5, the Wang Tiles tools will merge with Terrains and will be as flexible as terrains, while allowing the extra detail that the addition of edge-based labelling can bring.

The Wang Sets view is disabled by default, it can be made visible through this menu:

Especially now that the Wang Sets are going to replace the Terrains in Tiled 1.5, this view should be visible by default. Thanks for bringing this up!

I’d really recommend installing the latest development snapshot if you’re interested in trying the Wang Set functionality, since it was much improved. But indeed the documentation still needs to be updated.