How to make a hexagonal tileset?

Created a hexagonal (staggered) template map. Imported a hexagonal tile set into Tiled, but the tile set still comes up as squares? How can I make tile sets sliced hexagonal-ly? Or how do I get a tile set to work on a hexagonal map?

Picture included for clarity:

Hex tilesets are not sliced hexagonally, the images are still just rectangles, and it’s the map’s orientation that makes them get drawn in a hexagonal arrangements.

You need to set up your tileset so that the tile size is the size of each hex tile’s bounding box. Your tiles need to be a little over twice as wide as they currently are, and a little under three times as tall.

Your map’s grid size will also need to be increased to accommodate the tiles. However, the map’s grid should only be as tall as the height of the tops of the hex tiles, not as tall as the entire tile - those tiles have depth to them, the depth should not be taken into account for the map grid.

Gotcha. Having success adjusting the numbers already. The one thing I’m a bit frustrated by, is it seems in order to adjust the settings of a tileset, I have to create a new one again? I can’t seem to edit the size of the tileset after it has been made.

Also, is there a way to assess the size of the image I’m trying to tileset? Basically, is there a pixel ruler? Other than that, I assume I’d have to open it in another program just to get a pixel-wide grid map and then count each pixel.

Click the “Image” property on the tileset and the Edit button will appear, you can then edit the tile size, etc.

There is no pixel ruler, since generally people know the tile size of their tilesets’ tile sizes. You can measure in an image editor, or you can try loading the image in an Image Layer in a map in Tiled and looking at the status bar, which shows you the pixel coordinates.

There are some plans to make it easier to adjust tile sizes in tilesets, either by showing a preview in the create/edit dialog, or by letting you live-adjust the size right in the tileset editor.