How to add custom properties in .lua exports? (bug?)

Hi guys!

I’m currently developing a game with Defold and recently discovered Tiled in the process. This software looks very cool, congratulations!

I’d like to implement the A* pathfinding algorithm based using the data structure. To do so, I’ve added a “custom property” to my tiles, and set some of them to “true” (where the character can walk):


But when exporting my tilemap, the .lua file doesn’t seem to contain the “walkable” property, if this is where they were supposed to be:


Did I miss something obvious?

Properties assigned to tiles are stored with the tiles, in the tileset. You’re looking at the layer’s properties, which are an entirely separate thing.


Oh ok, just realized that I could export the tileset too… (I thought it would be the same exported .lua including both)

This is exactly what I needed, thank you :slight_smile: