How to build windows installer?

When using QT Creator how do you build the windows installer?
Im assuming you don’t have to set TILED_RELEASE if you select release build (maybe im wrong)
I couldn’t figure out how to pass the other bits needed though. I think you were supposed to pass something like all-products Tiled.windowsInstaller:true
Everything else builds properly as far as I can tell.

Also does it require msvc2013 or is is msvc2015 okay ? It seemed to build okay but I couldn’t find
an msvc2015 w/ OpenGL at least it didn’t specifically state OpenGL next to it.

I’ve documented the steps on the GitHub wiki. What the docs don’t say, is that there is a problem when you’re using Qbs 1.8, so make sure you’re using 1.7 for now.

The installers are built with VS 2013. I have not tried VS 2015, but they may work. You’ll likely need to make sure to ship other versions of the VS runtime, though.

Note that an easy way to get an installer is also to open a pull request, since AppVeyor builds pull requests and hosts the resulting installers under Artifacts.

I followed the steps on the wiki. The part im confused on I guess is
where to put “all-products Tiled.windowsInstaller:true” ?
I haven’t used QT Creator before this.

Okay got it sorted out.
Installed: Qt Creator 4.2.0 MSVC 2015 32 bit
added Tiled.windowsInstaller:true to the Properties field in Release build steps section

Commented out the “<File Source … Microsoft.VC120.CRT…” stuff
Apparently with VS2015 they changed the way redist was distributed.
I didn’t feel like digging into it too deep though.
Installer worked fine though. And tiled seems to work as well.

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