How to change order of objects in an object layer?

Hi everyone,
I’m still a noob to Tiled. I have several objects in an object layer and need to change the order on which they draw. I know to set the object layers drawing order to “manual” BUT once thats done, how to I rearrange the order?

I would have assumed it would be as easy as clicking and dragging the object list for that layer to change their order, but I can’t find a way to do that.


Hi Michael,

The context menu , right-click menu, on an Object when in manual mode has the options to “Raise/Lower object to Top/Bottom.”

Hope that helps!

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That would be nice indeed. I’ve already implemented reordering by clicking and dragging in the animation editor so it’s definitely possible to allow it for objects (and layers) as well, it’s just more work that you’d expect and it’s something I need to get around to.

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