Ordering Tilesets

Pre Tiled 1.0, a user could re-order Tilesets in the Tileset window by simply dragging the Tileset tabs from side to side to create the desired order:

As far as I can tell so far, Tile 1.0+ has defaulted to alphabetic ordering, and removed the ability to drag those tabs to re-order. Is there a way to re-order them now, to create “groups” of logically associated Tilesets? Example: I’d want all the “road-like” Tilesets (dirt road, paved road, rail road, etc.) next to each other.

Yes, I see there is a pull-down picklist available (handy!), but again, I’d prefer to group similar Tilesets in the picklist, and this won’t happen if I’m forced to alphabetical now. And, yes, I probably can fool the system by using digit prefixes (00, 01, 02, 03, etc.) on all of the Tilesets. But I’m looking for a cleaner solution to recover that handy pre-1.0 Tileset management feature.


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wondering why this feature was removed myself

Ah, seems I forgot to reply to this… The explanation about why it was removed and possible ways to re-introduce the feature have been discussed here:

In the next version of Tiled it is planned introduce support for projects, and this feature could be implemented as a project-wide tileset order. Judging by the reasons people are missing the manual reordering, this could be generally more convenient than the per-map order.