How can I re-arrange the order of 2 tiles?

Hi, could any body can help me?

(1) After delete / insert some tiles in .tsx file, the newest tile that I have added - always stay at the end of all tileset.
How can I move this tile to another position? This will help me group those tile, so it easy to put object in the map.

(2) One more question is how can I copy / paste a group of object between .tmx files, and keep the layer of them? All .tmx file have the same Layer structure.

  1. You can reorder tiles cosmetically (without changing their tile IDs) by clicking the Rearrange Tiles button in the Tileset Editor (as of Tiled 1.7). If you also want to change the tile IDs, you’ll need to add the tiles in the order you want them in.

  2. If by “keep the layer of them” you mean have Tiled create new layers with the source layers’ names, or to automatically sort them to the same layers instead of placing them on one layer, I don’t think it’s possible except through scripting.

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  1. Thank you! for the 1.7 version. This really awesome! That’s what I am looking for :blush:

  2. I mean: I have build a house like this:

from many tile object: The roof is in layer A, the wall is in layer B, the ground is in layer C.
then I select all of them, copy, then paste to another tmx file.
Although there are exist: layer A, B, C in the new file, Tiled put all object in one layer (the current selected layer). So you mean I cannot make a copy of these object in new file? :thinking:

You would need to copy from one layer at a time, or move the Objects to the appropriate layers after you copy them. The latter is probably easiest, since you can use the Objects list to do so without moving the objects, so they can stay aligned exactly as you want them.

Are you building everything out of Objects?

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Yes, I build all map with Object only.
At this time I must select all the House copy, then paste all into 1 layer. Then re-arrange each object: Roof, wall, ground, window… to the original layer one by one.

In the same tmx file, I can clone the House by Duplicate Ctrl+D then drag it to another position. But I cannot do it to another tmx file :sweat_smile:

Wish Tiled developer develop a function call: “Paste all object in its original layer” or something like that! :blush:

Thank you!

You could write a script to do that.

This sort of map-building style, though supported by Tiled, isn’t its focus (since it’s Tiled and not RandomSprited xP) so the tools for moving objects around aren’t as well-developed.

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It’s a very reasonable request, and indeed unfortunately @eishiya is right that this doesn’t exist currently. The closest is the “Paste in Place” action, which does this when pasting multi-layer tile stamps, but for objects it still puts all of them in the current object group.

There’s a TODO about this in the code, which I could try to get around to: