How to create one tile Roads?

How to make one tile wide roads(16pixels instead 32)? I have a test terrain, each tile 16x16 but it seems i can only draw (with ctrl) min 32x32 tiles on my map:


Currently Tiled doesn’t really offer any help with editing one-tile wide roads or fences. The only tool that could handle this case is the Wang Brush, when you set up edge colors to specify how the tiles should connect together. You could give it a try, but in its current form the tool doesn’t generally do what you want.

I personally think you’ll be better off doing the roads by hand for now, but if you try the Wang Brush, please let us know how it went!

@Artcraft You will need separate tiles to achieve this. Including for crossings and bends. To differentiate between the two the narrow variant can be called a path.
The Terrain tool will not be able to help you here though. I think that’s what @bjorn implied.

I have had some success using the automapping to do this.
You create an input layer (I call it metaroad) and use a single tile to draw your path.
So your metaroad layer would look something like this:

Then set up rules to place the proper tile into output layer (I called roads) for every corner possibility.
Set rules are for South to West, South to East, East to South, West to south and rules for intersections.
You have to play with the order to get things right.
If I remember correctly do the corners first then the intersections.