How to export Custom properties of tile map?

I’m new to Tiled so i don’t yet know how everything work.
What i have is a tileset which i gave every tile a custom property “tag”. MOst of them are 0, and i put a few as 1.
What i want to do is export the map as an array of the “tag property”, like
I tried to export as .json file and found
…and the rest of the property values, but i don’t know what the # represents so i can’t format it into the array. I don’t even thin this is properties of each tile in the map because when put a few random 5s for “tag” in the tileset, i didn’t place those tiles in the map, but the .json file still had some “tag”:5.

So is there an easy way to do this, preferably without having to use the commands?

The quoted number represents the local ID of the tile in the tileset, by which you can look up the tile properties.

However, the format you’re after looks a lot like what the .csv file export writes out (except for the [ and ] characters). If you would name your custom property “name” instead of “tag” then the property value will be used to write out the tile references. That should be a lot easier in your case then using the JSON format.

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