How to get the 2.5D tileds from a large picture easily?

a large picture is 10000px * 5000px
a tiled is 200px * 100px
any tools can help me?

Can you show an example picture from which you would like to get the tiles?

Do you mean you have some terrain picture, and you’d like to cut diamonds out? I’m sure there are tools available for this and I remember one being mentioned once (though it could have been a feature request), but I don’t have any link right now.

Yes,i want a tool to split a large picture

Alright, I’m currently unaware of such a tool. If you find one, please let us know about it.

I could also imagine it as a feature built into Tiled, to be able to add such a picture as a tileset. It could of course save quite some texture space as well as making editing easier.