How to load sprite atlas

All sprites are 32 x 32, tile size is also. Do I need to set margins or offset?

Already saw this answered on IRC. It seems indeed like the tiles have some spacing in between and may have a margin as well. In the “New Tileset” dialog, the “Margin” means the space at the edges of the image and the “Spacing” means the space between the tiles.

I know what those things mean. I am asking why it makes like this with this tileset. If I load some ready tileset from web, it goes right.

If it does that then you got the parameters wrong. In order to help you find the right parameters, you’d have to upload the actual tileset image you’re using instead of the screenshot.

Here is original tileset made with TexturePacker.

So it seems to me, that you’ve configured TexturePacker to leave some space around your images as well as a one pixel space between your images. This means that when adding this image as a tileset in Tiled, you need to choose 1 px margin and 1 px spacing (along with a 32 px tile size).

Now it works. Thank you!