Sprite Sheet does not work with tiled

In google paint I checked my sprites length and width and stuff and it said

90 x 18px so I put that with tile width and height and I put 8px for both spacing and margin. I just started yesterday so please not hate.

What are you trying to do?
Is your sprite meant to be a single tile, or an entire tileset?

If you set your tile size to the size of your entire image, and set a margin above 0, you’ll end up with 0 tiles in your tileset, because Tiled will be looking for the 90x18 rectangle in the remaining part of the image after ignoring the margin, and there isn’t that much stuff in the image.

The tile size is the size of each tile in your image, not your whole image.

Try using 0 margin and spacing.

It may also help to share the image you’re working with, as I’m not sure what you’re trying to do :'D