How to make holes with terrain brushes?

My second question: How to make holes in terrains?

I’ll explain. Let’s say i want to make such thing

Ok. I made this one manually but if i will have large filled space with one terrain and i want to make the holes in it. The eraser tool makes such holes without my terrain tileset borders.

Like this:

If i try after that use terrain tool on that hole borders it falso ills my hole and not just make border.

Yes. I know that if i will use tilsets with baked transitions to other terrains (like in default program examples) i can just switch to other terrain brush and fill with it. But if I need to make many universal terrains which can be used together - it will be too much transition combinations. I suppose in this way i must use terrains with transparency (like in my example) and use layers instead of transitions to combine different terrains. But in this case it becomes very inconveniently to make such holes. Maybe i missed something?

And sorry for my english.

Yes, you missed the special erase button for terrains:

Ideally the standard erase tool would work, but that would change the way terrains work entirely so it is still a topic for later improvement.

Oh, thanks, sorry. I thought this button was to delete terrain brushes :smirk: