How to Transform Tile - Scale, Rotate, Flip

I am trying to use similar tiles in my game, but i want same tile to scaled up and down. I dont want to put 2 smilar asset as smaller and bigger in atlas. How to scale up or down tile is there any tool like Rotate, Flip etc?

On a Tile Layer, tiles can only be flipped or rotated by 90 degrees, using shortcut keys X (flipping horizontally), Y (flipping vertically) and Z / Shift+Z (rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise by 90 degrees).

When you need scaling or more free rotation, you can place your tiles as Tile Objects on an Object Layer.

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Thank you so much for your reply. It helped a lot. I might have some more questions regarding using multiple sprite sheets in the game. But thanks so much for your quick reply. =)

Thank you!

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